Linux Kernel Validation Engineer

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Linux Kernel Validation Automation Engineer


Linaro is looking for an engineer who delights in playing on the edges of embedded technology but is also interested in open source software development.  This position is all about keeping Linux working on embedded ARM devices in Linaro’s automated validation environment (LAVA) infrastructure and fixing failures or facilitating bug fixes as failures are  discovered.

This position will require that you assemble embedded devices, scour through hardware documentation, tinker with bootloaders, wrestle system images, interact with Linaro’s validation automation architecture (LAVA), work closely with upstream Linux kernel communities and Linux test-suite communities, and make changes to every place you can.  You’ll debug failures, triage to more specialized engineers, submit Linux kernel fixes, identify build image failures, and correct and extend test-suites. The degree to which you’re involved is only limited by your ambition and energy.

This position will report to Linaro Core Technology & Tools, the technical operations group in Linaro that is responsible for keeping the shared development infrastructure and validation infrastructures up and running.

 Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

  • Validating the daily builds of LTS Linux kernels (and others)
  • Validating the userspace like Android, Openembedded, Debian/Ubuntu and RedHat.
  • Deep analysis and Investigating the root cause of Linux kernel functional test failures
  • Reporting bugs on identified Linux kernel subsystems
  • Fixing bugs in Linux kernel subsystems as capable
  • Fixing bugs in Linux kernel configs as capable
  • Fixing bugs in kernel test-suites
  • Creating Bug tracking reports and test reports
  • Taking ownership of bugs and following up with bug stakeholders and subsystem maintainers of Linux kernel and test authors in the Linux community
  • Creating new test cases and test plans
  • Automating test frameworks

Required skills and experience:

  • Strong C coding skills
  • Coding experience in Linux Shell and Python is mandatory
  • Deep understanding of Linux kernel and subsystems
  • Active open source contributor in Linux kernel and/or Linux Test Project
  • Experience of ARM and ARM64 Development boards like Raspberry PI, HiKey
  • Validation of Android Frameworks CTS or VTS - optional
  • Package management experience in Debian/Ubuntu or CentOS/RedHat - optional
  • Understanding of OpenEmbedded or Buildroot - optional
  • Understanding of Jenkins and Continues integration and build and integration system. - optional
  • Experience in Stackdump, Objdump, Strace, Ptrace and gdb
  • Familiar with Git

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